Imagine standing on a sidewalk with a good friend. It is sunny and a cool breeze is kissing your skin, but you hardly notice. Because you and your new friend are deep in conversation about things that are truly important–faith questions, heart questions. As you talk you feel like someone is finally shooting straight, the answers ring true, and you are understood. Whether you are looking for answers to your own faith questions, you are ministry leader looking for answers to the questions being asked of you, or you are a fellow Shepherd looking for a friend for the journey, you've found that friend on the sidewalk of life. Look around, stay a while, and return again–your friend is here waiting for you.


The Bible can sometimes seem confusing. Perhaps you struggle with what appears to be contradictions, and Christians often are at odds with each other. So where can you go to get honest, straightforward, biblical advice on difficult issues? Who can help you unlock the secrets of the Bible in an easy to understand way? Cheri is your sidewalk theologian. Her degree from Asbury Theological Seminary means she has the biblical knowledge, but she also has a gift for taking what may seem complicated and breaking it down. She is your friend on the sidewalk of life. 


If you are like most ministry leaders, you are juggling too many demands. You are preparing lessons, attending meetings, and making phone calls, all while trying to balance your own personal life. You need support, help, and answers. You need a resource to turn to that gives solid biblical counsel. You need answers to the faith questions your people are asking. Cheri is that resource you've been looking for. Meet her here on this sidewalk where faith questions are addressed. Find her on other sidewalks where she addresses issues you face. Or invite her to meet you and your group on your own sidewalk as a guest speaker for your next event. Anywhere you meet her you'll feel you've found a friend.


Pastors need friends, friends who understand the struggles of ministry life. Cheri has a passion for supporting pastors. From her seminary days where she made deep friendships with those entering the ministry, and from her own years in serving in ministry herself as a youth pastor, Cheri knows that Shepherding is difficult work. May you find here a place of non-judgment, support for the unspoken needs, and friendship for the journey you are on. You don't have to do it alone–you have a friend on the sidewalk of life.

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