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Mapping a Great Article-Transitions
Transitions for the workshop Mapping a Great Article
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Mapping a Great Article-Powerful Verbs
Powerful Verbs handout for workshop Mapping a Great Article
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One Story, One Mission, One God  Bible studies

This 12-week Bible study is available in two six-week studies (an Old Testament and New Testament study) and shows how the Bible is God's story from beginning to the end with one mission from the opening scene to the closing one. It describes one God who is the same from the 39 books in the Old Testament through the 27 in the New. One Story, One Mission, and One God is a 5-day a week workbook-style study with a ten-minute video discussion starter for the weekly group lesson. Perfect for Sunday school and weekly small group studies. One Story is written to help those who've received the Bible as a disjointed collection of stories, who've heard others talk about a God of the Old Testament versus a God of the New Testament, and who want to know what is the thread that ties this whole book together-what makes it One Story, One Mission, and One God?

Parables and Word Pictures Bible Study

In this thirteen-week workbook-style Bible study on the New Testament parables, readers will develop an ear for the message these stories convey—that the Kingdom of God is at hand and is in you and me. And one glorious day the Kingdom will come to completion when the Ultimate Parable, Jesus the Christ, returns and takes His throne. Until that time, we are the keepers of the Kingdom, and as subjects of this nation we must live in such a way as to please the King. The parables tell us how to live as Kingdom people.
Of the thriteen weeks, the first nine explore the parables of Jesus in the four gospels; the next three look at the parables in Acts and those from Paul and the apostles. The study culminates in a look at what the author calls living parables, with Jesus as the Parable of all parables.
Through Him we come to know God the Father, and through Jesus we come to live as living parables in a world begging to “see God.” Living story-shaped lives allows others to see God in us—this is Kingdom living.
The workbook includes a chart of parables in chronological order, a chart of parables alphabetically arranged in the four gospels, a chart showing the locations in Israel where the parables were taught, and an index of scriptures to make finding parables quick and easy. A downloadable Group Study Guide is available through the author’s website as well as a photo gallery of pictures from the author’s trip to the Holy Land where these parables were first shared.

Parables and Word Pictures Leader's Guide

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365 Devotions for Peace gift book

A More Peace-Filled Life Starts Today

The Christian life isn’t exempt from times of difficulty, strain, and worry. But God didn’t intend for you to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. He offers an amazing gift to those who fix their eyes on Him: peace.

This 365-day devotional will help you release your worries to God and discover the peace that only He can give. Each devotion offers an encouraging Bible verse and closes with a prayer to help you find peace in the midst of any circumstance.

Spending each day with the Author of peace will bring a restful and refreshing year.

Living the Story

Is there someone God has laid on your heart that you’ve been unable to reach with traditional methods? When sharing the gospel with your children, grandchildren, coworkers, and neighbors, does it feel like you are walking in a foreign land? If you said, yes, you have found your guide. Cheri Cowell reveals the cultural and relational differences making traditional faithsharing ineffective with this current generation, and then provides a solution as ancient as the Scriptures, yet as fresh (and refreshing) as today’s news. What is this new/old way? Through a fictional story thread running through each chapter, you will be introduced to an ancient/future way of sharing The Story. Here, you will meet eight people just like those you long to reach with the lifegiving message of Christ, and six people who speak this new language of faith. Alongside these stories, you will also hear The Story retold as it relates directly to the needs of these eight and, likewise, to those in your own life.

Direction: Discernment for the Decisions of Your Life

Trying to determine what direction to take in life is not always easy. As Christians, we pray and read scripture, seeking God’s guidance for the choices we make. But sometimes, trying to guess God’s will can feel a little bit like being a game show contestant—hoping we’ve picked the right showcase door.With so many to choose from, discerning which door of opportunity is the best can be difficult.Is there a way to really know which door to choose?Author Cheri Cowell believes that God offers us many doors to choose from as we transition through life. And she understands how confusing it can be to decide which door is best. She explains that the key to making confident decisions is to avoid trying to guess God’s ’will’ and focus instead on discerning God’s ’way’.In Direction, Cowell presents six questions to ask when it comes to decision-making. She examines each question and shares examples of how others—from Bible times to present day—used these questions to find God’s way in the story of their lives. Through observation and exploration, Cowell shows how determining your own answers to these important questions will guide you in the discernment process. From career options to medical decisions to relationship questions, you’ll learn how to know for sure what door to choose.Direction includes reflection questions for individual or group study. It will provide you withThe wisdom to make confident decisions,the understanding to enrich your prayer life,the eagerness to know God better, andthe willingness to take more risks in life’s most important decisions.

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